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Aga Khan Museum – Toronto Travels

A couple of weeks ago we drove over to Toronto, Canada to spend a couple of days feasting + exploring. One location I desperately wanted to check out was the Aga Khan Museum. I’ve been into Islamic architecture lately. The design of the museum was amazing! It was a mix of Islamic architectural details with a modern, western twist. Please do excuse the photos in this post, I was travelling light and used my iPhone to take the photos.

Anyway, we explored the grounds of the Aga Khan Museum, which included an Ismaili Community Center sharing similar aesthetics as the museum. Unfortunately we weren’t able to check out the interior spaces of the center as you had to sign up for a tour in advance – and we didn’t have time for that at the time.

I was impressed by the detail work throughout the museum. The tile work in the Courtyard incorporated the grates into the design of the tiles.

Have you had a chance to check the museum out? Do let me know what your favorite part was!

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