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Arch Diaries – two

It’s been over six months since my last Arch Diaries post. Eek. So much for being ‘consistent’ I guess!

Here’s a little update as to what’s been going on. I finished yet another year of my grad degree, submitted my first Segment Portfolio for review and passed. Yay! Now onto Segment Two…

Prepping the portfolio was intense. We were required to submit our best work from our first year. We had to combine it into a well-designed, organized, and thoughtful portfolio (in print). Originally, I had planned to print my portfolio via blurb, but thanks to procrastination I ended up printing mine at Staples. Next time I’ll be sure to spend more time putting my portfolio together – or so I’d like to think.

Here are a few things I learned while making my portfolio (and some tips):


    One thing I found to be helpful was to plan what I wanted to include in my portfolio BEFORE beginning. I made a list of all my ‘best’ works and then began gathering files all to one location (thankfully, I had everything scanned and organized from before so it was just a matter of gathering the files off USB’s and placing them on my Dropbox).

  3. SAVE EVERYTHING IN ONE LOCATIONA lesson learned the hard way. Previously, I used to save everything on USB’s which ended up being the worse idea ever. I lost a USB, and lost half my assignments. Thankfully I had a backup at school but I would have saved myself so much time (and energy) if I had just saved it on a secure and accessible location to begin with. I now use Dropbox for all my file saving needs. It’s cloud based which means I can access it anywhere as long as I have internet access.


    I created several various layouts in InDesign which I then saved as Master Templates. Doing so allowed me to drag and drop templates, and images, and made putting the spreads together for my portfolio a breeze.

  6. SAVE. SAVE. SAVEI can’t stress this point enough. I lost hours worth of work because I didn’t consistently click to SAVE. You can set up auto-save, but based on my experience it’s so much more reliable to simply save your work after every major milestone in your document.


    I would sometimes find myself working 6 hours in a row, feeling stressed and anxious. It helped to take small breaks in between and walk around, stretch, eat, make tea, relax.


That’s all I can think of for now. School starts back up again at the end of August, so I’ll be posting sometime around then with arch diaries – three.


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