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Chatbooks Review – Lovin’ it

Having over 600 images on my Instagram, I decided it was about time I got all my images in print. I kept seeing Chatbooks in several feeds, and so I took the plunge and tried them out. The first step was downloading the app (they have apps for Apple and Android). You can also use their website on a desktop to upload and order photo books. I used the iPhone app and it was a super easy process!

chatbooks_silkandviolet_saleemaphotography (5 of 5)

After downloading the app onto my phone, I followed the prompts. I had to create an account, then link my Instagram account to the Chatbooks account (way easier than it sounds) and the Chatbooks app automatically imported my entire Instagram photo stream. I then got to select how many volumes I wanted to order, and what photos I wanted to be used as cover images. I ended up excluding some images from printing in the photo books because they weren’t relevant to me anymore (I loved that Chatbooks had that option).

Then came the shipping business. I confirmed delivery, address, and payment method. I decided to get the free shipping (they call it “Slow & Free), which took around a week for everything (printing + shipping). I ended up ordering 10 books (or Volumes as Chatbooks calls them). Each Volume was $6 USD, and I had a coupon for the first book free, woohoo!

chatbooks_silkandviolet_saleemaphotography (2 of 5)

When the books arrived, they were carefully packaged in a box along with some tissue paper. I fell in love with them right away! They’re adorably sized (6×6 inches) with 60 pages each. The prints are somewhat blurry at times. Perhaps that was dependent on the quality of images I uploaded to Instagram, or possibly the printing quality is a bit off balance.

chatbooks_silkandviolet_saleemaphotography (4 of 5)

I can’t wait to continue printing my feed as time goes by. I’ve set the Chatbooks app to automatically deliver a new set of 60 images every month.

chatbooks_silkandviolet_saleemaphotography (3 of 5)

If you’d like to order your own Chatbook, feel free to use my code and get your first book for free!


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