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Summer Travels – Maine! My website has been down for a few months now and thankfully we’ve finally figured it all out. Unfortunately during the process I seem to have lost a few posts, so now I’m going to try to catch up everrrrrything that’s been happening since summer – and that’s a lot!

Let’s start with the summer 2016. Here are some trips from our Camden camping weekend. It was the first time I’ve gone camping in a LONG time with close friends so I had tons of fun! I completely forgot how quiet silence can be. Living in Boston for the past two years I’ve become accustomed to constant ‘noise’ in the background (sirens, cars honking, people shouting, birds chirping…)

Camden, Maine, is really beautiful. The fresh air, the brisk breeze from the ocean, I was in love.

Every time we went into town we ended up going to this ice cream shop – delish!

My gorgeous friend, being her hipster self.



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